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Barry Hardy

Douglas Connect
Managing Director

Advancing New Methods in Safety Assessment - the roles of data and knowledge practices.

About Barry:

My passions are in the development and application of collaborative approaches to science and business accomplishing efffective work and challenging innovation goals, be they in healthcare, R&D, technology deployment, risk assessment or sustainable development.

Currently I am concentrating on the development of new services, business units, and startups within our innovation ecosystem and network.

With Douglas Connect, I have been involved in the development of research communities and projects including InnovationWell, eCheminfo, Synergy, OpenTox, ToxBank, and eNanoMapper.

In the area of Knowledge Management (KM) I am interested in applying KM strategies and methodologies to enabling productivity and successful outcomes in collaborative-based work. I have been active in the development of KM practices, methodology and implementation both with Douglas Connect innovation areas and in consulting and training leadership roles.

I obtained my Ph.D. in 1990 from Syracuse University and initially worked in the area of computational chemistry, biophysics and computer-aided molecular modelling and design. I began working in the area of virtual communications and communities in the early 90s and organised numerous leading and groundbreaking Web-based international projects in the area of the chemical, life and medical sciences. I also have developed technology solutions for internet-based conferencing, tutor-supported e-learning, e-commerce, laboratory automation systems, computational chemistry and informatics, bioinformatics and safety assessment.

I was a National Research Fellow at the FDA Center for Biologics and Evaluation and a Hitchings-Elion Fellow at Oxford University.

* Communities
* Collaboration
* Innovation
* Business Development
* Knowledge Assessment
* Knowledge Management
* Requirements Analysis
* System Design
* Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics
* Predictive Toxicology
* Drug Safety KM